TurboTax Login – www.turbotax.com Sign In 2018

TurboTax Login is an American software for tax preparation that was developed by Michael Chipman. It is like a one-stop solution for all your tax problems and is a product of Intuit Corporation. It was initially created by Chipsoft, but it became a household name after Intuit Corporation purchased it in 1993.

In this article, we are going to talk about the software and much of its specifics. You will get to learn all about the Online services and also how to log into your own account on the official website.

It is one of the most famous income tax softwares along with its competitors like TaxSlayer, Jackson & Hewitt, etc. Starting from the next section, we will be teaching you all the basics of the app and the Login.

TurboTax Login

TurboTax Login

TurboTax Login is pretty easy and you can carry it out easily on your PC. Make sure that you have already registered on the official website for online access. Follow the steps below for the Login procedure.

  • First of all, visit the official website from here.
  • Once you reach the website, click on the Sign In button on top-right corner.
  • Now, enter your User ID and password in the fields and hit Enter.
  • Check the Remember Me box if you want the site to remember your ID.
  • So the next time you log in, you won’t have to enter your ID again.

This is it for the TurboTax Sign In procedure. If you haven’t had the chance to enroll for online access, then refer the next section.

TurboTax Login - How to Access TurboTax Online Services

TurboTax Login – How to Access TurboTax Online Services

Refer this section if you haven’t had the chance to sign up for the online access account on www.turbotax.com. Follow these steps and you will have your “My TurboTax Account”.

  • Firstly, click on this link to go to the login portal.
  • Scroll down and click on Create an Account.
  • On the next page, you will have to provide a couple of details.
  • Enter your Email, create a User ID and password.
  • Now, provide your phone number and click on Create Account.

Finally, your account will be created on TurboTax Login portal in a couple of seconds.

Features of TurboTax Sign In

Features of TurboTax Sign In

As you know, www.TurboTax.com is a tax preparation software and it helps you out with your taxes. There are a few perks that you get when you sign up for the online services which we have explained in this section.

  • ItsDeductible: This is a service that allows you to keep an eye on the charity amount. This helps you value that amount accurately before you file your return.
  • Quickbooks: Quickbooks is a great service for those who want to file their returns. And the great thing is that it is also created by the Intuit Corporation. So it becomes easy to import your Quickbook data into your TurboTax Login account.
  • Payment Options: The software also has a three-tier payment option that allows you to choose from three different plans; namely small business owner, premier, and deluxe.
  • Free Start: The service won’t charge you until you have started filing your returns.

This completes the features section of TurboTax Login account. We will move on to the Mobile login procedures.

TurboTax Login from Android

TurboTax Login from Android

The official app for TurboTax Sign In is available on the Android platform so that you can check your account on the go.

  • Open the Play Store on your Android device and tap on the search bar.
  • Type TurboTax 2018 in the field and search for the app.
  • Or you can directly install the app from here.
  • Download and Install the app from the Play Store.
  • Open the app and it will ask you to enter your User ID and password.
  • Tap on Sign In and you will have access to your account.

You can use the app on Android Smartphones and tablets for TurboTax Login.

TurboTax Online Login from iPhone

TurboTax Online Login from iPhone

iOS is the second most popular OS for smartphones. You can install the My TurboTax Free App on the iOS platform for free.

  • Open the iOS App Store and search for the app.
  • You can also go directly to the app page from here.
  • Once you have installed the app, open it.
  • Select the Login tab and type in your User ID and Password.
  • Hit the Sign In button and it will log you into your account.

Finally, you can start filing your tax returns and access your tax account.

Reset TurboTax Password

Reset TurboTax Password

Often it happens that people forget their passwords and User ID as well. So if that happens to you and you forget your TurboTax password, then here is how you can reset your password.

  • Go to the official website first, by clicking this link.
  • Click on Sign In to go to the login portal.
  • Now, click on “I forgot my User ID or password.”
  • Enter your phone number, email, or User ID to move forward.
  • If you don’t remember the User ID, then click on Try something else.
  • Enter your first and last name, Date of birth, Social Security Number, and Zip Code.
  • Click on Continue, and you will be able to recover your TurboTax Sign IN credentials.

With this guide with you, you don’t have to worry even if you forget your User ID and password as you can easily recover them using the reset link.

TurboTax Customer Service Phone Number

www.TurboTax.com is one of those companies to put customer satisfaction at a very high place. They also provide a separate support section on the official website so that users can get solutions to their problems. You can easily access the support section and get help from here. These are the customer care number and Advantage support number respectively: 800-446-8848 and 1-800-414-5644.

Finally, we are at the end of the article on TurboTax Login. We have demonstrated how you can get the best of the online services in this post. You can now carry out the login procedure with the help of this comprehensive guide. If you still have any questions, then you can contact us at TurboTaxLogin.